“Today we have a beautiful, healthy son, born thanks to Richard’s work.”

“Today we have a beautiful, healthy son, born thanks to Richard’s work.”

“Today we have a beautiful, healthy son, born thanks to Richard’s work.”

Patient Testimonials

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Failed Cycles

“I have to thank Richard for all his help in order that our little girl could be with us.  He helped me so much throughout the treatment and during the nine months of pregnancy.  I only have good things to say about him and  of course when we decide to give a little brother to my daughter I will return to Richard for treatment from the very first day !!!”

~ L.

High FSH

“I went to Richard´s office and from the moment I entered I felt comfortable. He asked about my health, my diet, my sleep and life-style.  I thought the needles would hurt but it’s just a light prick and talking with him it goes by quickly.  He left me alone for about half an hour with relaxing music and low lighting and I almost always fell asleep.”

~ T.G

Recurrent Miscarriages

“I will always think that Richard changed our lives. We arrived at his office desperate,  nervous and terribly anxious and he calmed us, helped us, advised us and guided us always in a way which was very professional while being warm and open at the same time.”


Treatment for Common Fertility Diagnoses

Anti Mullerian Hormone AMH and FSH

What exactly is this diagnosis and how is it treated with western and Chinese medicine? Find here the answers to this questions and see how Chinese Medicine can improve egg quality and response to hormonal stimulation.

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Unsuccessful IVF/IUI cycles

Many couples pass through the stress of unsuccessful IVF or IUI cycles.  It is a traumatic experience to receive the phone call from the fertility center informing you that the results of the beta hCG blood test were negative or that the eggs retrieved failed to...

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Sperm Problems

Infertility can occur in a couple due to male factor infertility as often as it can occur due to female factor infertility. Male fertility levels are just as important as female fertility levels. It is estimated that 35 % of couples with fertility issues are due to...

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About Richard Blitstein

Richard Blitstein Licensed Acupuncturist, MSTOM, Dipl Ac., Dipl CH, has maintained a busy practice specializing in the treatment of male and female fertility since 2004. A graduate of Cornell University and the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine he has studied extensively in China and Europe with some of the top professionals in his field. He has taught extensively both at Pacific College as well as in professional continuing education seminars for Chinese medicine practitioners both live and online.

The majority of his practice consists of patients who have experienced difficulties in their fertility journey and are looking for an adjunctive therapy, which can support their western assisted reproductive interventions. Mr. Blitstein is fully versed in the details of western treatment and focuses on supporting that which western treatment does not, both in the physical and psychological realms. Employing acupuncture and herbs, patients experience not only a move towards higher levels of fertility but a heighten state of overall well being.