Getting pregnant naturally

Have you been trying to get pregnant for a while?

 Have you done all the fertility testing and the results are all normal but you still can´t get pregnant on your own?

 Have you already had IUI or IFV cycles that were unsuccessful?


In many cases such as these, Chinese medicine can help. For more than 2000 years, Chinese medicine has helped millions of couples to get pregnant naturally using herbs, acupuncture and changes to diet and lifestyle.

The first step is to investigate using western medical testing if there is some physical or hormonal problems impeding pregnancy. If there are, Chinese medicine can be used to solve these problems. Next the woman´s menstrual cycle needs to be properly regulated. This means that the complete cycle should last between 26 and 32 days, have a good blood flow without much pain or large blood clots. It is also important that the ovulation is marked by increased egg white cervical mucous as well as other markers of normal hormonal changes during the cycle. All of these components must occur in their proper order during the cycle in order attain optimal fertility.

Using herbs and acupuncture together with basal body temperature charting, Chinese Medicine treatment will improve the different phases of the menstrual cycle. By finding which parts of the cycle are not in order we return the body to its natural state of balance, correcting problems with ovulation, the luteal phase and menstruation.   Once the cycle is regulated and the couple is timing their sexual relations, there is a much greater chance of getting pregnant each cycle.

The advantages of this process are that it has no side effects. Not only doesn´t it negatively effect one´s health but actually improves one´s overall health as well. The main disadvantage is that natural medicine is slow and it may take 3-6 months to attain optimal fertility and then several months after that to become pregnant.   During this time patients are usually conscious of the positive changes that are occurring in their body and can feel improvements in their overall quality of health.

Once pregnancy is achieved it is important to continue treatment during the first trimester to ensure a healthy pregnancy.