About Richard Blitstein, LAc, MSTOM, Dipl. AC

Education in China 

Fertility Specialization

Richard Blitstein L.Ac. , MSTOM, Dipl Ac., Dipl CH, has specialized in male and female infertility since 2004.   In 2009 after years of working in the field of fertility, he spent a sabbatical in China  in order to deepen his knowledge in this field.   

In Nanjing he followed Drs. Xia Gui Cheng and Xu Tian Shou,  2 eminent specialists in fertility and attended the treatment of over 1000 patients during advanced clinical studies.  An especially relevant fact is that these doctors integrate modern western medical testing in their diagnosis. Hormone levels, ultrasounds and other imaging are all incorporated while staying true to the fundamentals of Tradition Chinese Medicine, .   This approach of integrating western testing and eastern treatment is what Mr. Blitstein uses in his clinic.  Out of this sabbatical also came much of the material on fertility contained in his seminars taught both live across the country and virtually at ProD seminars

Advanced Acupuncture Studies

Mr. Blitstein also has studied with the famous acupuncturist Dr. Wang Ju Yi, co- author of Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine, on various occasions in China and in Germany.  Dr. Wang uses a style of acupuncture based on the Chinese classical texts.  This type of acupuncture has waned due to changes in the way Chinese medicine has been practiced in the last 70 years.  Studying with Dr. Wang and his student and co-author Jason Robertson has formed much of Mr.  Blitstein´s current practice of acupuncture.  

Education in the US

A graduate of  the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine- Chicago, a 4 year program, Mr. Blitstein completed studies both in acupuncture and in Chinese herbology.  


Richard was a professor  at PCOM – Chicago in the department of Oriental Medicine – teaching gynecology, neurology, gastroenterology and pulmonology.  He also was a clinical supervisor in the school clinic for  years.

He currently is an associate professor at Pacific College in New York where he teaches and is a clinical supervisor.

Mr. Blitstein has been a lecturer, instructing acupuncturist and herbalist in the field of fertility. He has taught across the country and currently offers his courses Acupuncture and Herbal Treatments with IVF as well as TCM for complex infertility: PCOS, Auto immune & Premature Ovarian Failure online.  Links to these courses are provided below.


His interest in research led him to work at Children´s Memorial Hospital in Chicago where he studied patterns of pathology according to TCM in patients with cyclic vomiting leading to the publication of “Examination of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome in Children Using Traditional Chinese Medical Pattern Differentiation” in the journal Medical Acupuncture.   He also directed a study on inter observer reliability in diagnostic techniques in Chinese medicine.  He has been a speaker at AAOM, Society for Acupuncture Research, Pacific Symposium and Resolve Fertility Conferences.  He also served on the editorial board of the journal Integrative Cancer Therapies. 

Non-profit work

Mr Blitstein is a founding member of the board of directors for Mindful Medicine Worldwide (MMW) as well as sitting on its volunteer committee.  Mindful Medicine Worldwide is a non-profit organization, bringing long-term integrative health care to people of developing areas, by establishing and operating free integrative health care clinics. Their professional volunteers, acupuncturists, Chinese doctors and other alternative care practitioners, provide medical services and healthcare education.   They currently service communities in Nepal where Mr. Blitstein has spent time living as well as shorter trips to supervise and work in these clinics.  

He has also spent time volunteering in Indonesia, providing acupuncture and herbal treatment at the birth and maternity clinic Bumi Sehat.  

Courses by Richard Blitstein
Acupuncture and Herbal Treatments with IVF
TCM for complex infertility: PCOS, Auto immune & Premature Ovarian Failure

Mindful Medicine Worldwide

Richard Blitstein is a founding member of the board of  Mindful Medicine Worldwide  and part of the selection team of volunteers. Mindful Medicine Worldwide is a NGO Non Governmental non-profit organization that maintains permanent endowment acupuncturists and other health professionals in clinics Nepal to help the most defavorecidos and people who have little or no access to medical care. He has also served several times as a volunteer in this organization clinics in Nepal and the maternity clinic and delivery Bumi Sehat  in Indonesia.