Many couples pass through the stress of unsuccessful IVF or IUI cycles.  It is a traumatic experience to receive the phone call from the fertility center informing you that the results of the beta hCG blood test were negative or that the eggs retrieved failed to fertilize or mature properly  This can be a very depressing but when it occurs two or more times, it can be devastating.  Beyond adjusting the stimulation protocol there is little that Western medicine has to offer in these cases short of egg donation.   Chines medicine can help however, by preparing you to be in an optimal state BEFORE you start the hormonal stimulation for an assisted reproduction intervention.

One way to avoid unsuccessful assisted reproductive cycles is the use of Chinese medicine before and during these interventions.  Acupuncture has been proved in repeated studies to increase the likelihood of success in IVF cycle (link to studies page)  especially in cases where the patient has been through unsuccessful cycles in the past.

Chinese herbal medicine is combined with IVF  in many clinics in China as well as Korea and Japan with excellent results.

In women where poor response to hormonal stimulation is the cause for a failed cycle there usually is a diagnosis of “low ovarian reserve” made.  In western medicine this is an untreatable condition.  Here (link to my page of LOR) you can see how Chinese medicine views and TREATS  “low ovarian reserve”.

Many times something even more frustrating happens; a woman with a good response to the hormonal stimulation produces an adequate number of  high quality embryos, the uterus and endometrium look good but yet does not get pregnant, even after various cycles of assisted reproduction cycles.  

When this happens we must look more deeply into why there was a lack of implantation and continued pregnancy.  Many of the factors which can cause miscarriages (link to repeated miscarriage page) can also cause a failure of implantation of the embryo or a chemical pregnancy and early miscarriage. If upon doing the correct testing mentioned here ( link to diagnosis and testing repeated miscarriages) there appear factors which may be impeding pregnancy, a combination of western and Chinese medicine treatment can resolve the issue.