Herbal Treatment

Where are the herbs from and how are they processed?

Chinese herbs are cultivated in different areas of mainland China. Each herb is grown in an area that has the perfect climate and soil for the maximum clinical effect. They are then harvested at the moment when they are at their peak for clinical use. Once harvested they are processed in industrial pressure cookers in factories that meet or exceed international standards for safety and purity. The end result are granules which are at a 5:1 concentration. This means that each gram of granules is equivalent to 5 grams of raw herb.

How do I know that I can trust their purity?

The herbs prescribed are from trusted companies in the United States, which test each batch of granules using mass spectrometry to make sure that there are no traces of pesticides or heavy metals.

How should I take my herbs?

The herbs should be mixed in boiling water. The amount of water is up to you as it has no effect on their absorption in the body. Some people like to take them with less water so that there is less to drink. With less water they have a stronger flavor and may irritate the stomach a bit so we recommend starting with 8 oz of water and adjust the amount of water to your preference over time. You can mix the herbs with just enough hot water to dissolve them and then add more room temperature water so that they are cool enough to drink immediately. The herbs can also be mixed ahead of time if you want to take them with you and avoid the necessity of mixing them when you are out. Once mixed with water they will be safe to take for at least 48 hours.

When should I take my herbs?

The herbs are best absorbed when taken between meals on an empty stomach.   This means an hour before eating or two hours after eating. If you notice that they bother your stomach you can take them 30 minutes to one hour after eating so that there is something in your stomach.

What should I do if I have a problem with my herbs?

If you have any problems taking the herbs or any annoying effects please contact your practitioner.   Don’t wait until your next appointment as Chinese herbal treatment requires regular consumption and it is better not to interrupt the process.